Speaker: Emerito Carlos Rodrigues – Mrechan, MD, PhD
La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Rodríguez-Merchán is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at “La Paz” University Hospital of Madrid, Spain. He also is Associate Professor of Orthopaedics at University “Autonoma” of Madrid, Spain. He has an extensive background in haemophilia and has worked on orthopaedic complications in this field for the past 37 years. Consequently, he is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications on musculo-skeletal problems in haemophilia.

Dr. Rodríguez-Merchán has been Chairman of the Musculo-Skeletal Committee of the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH) (1998-2002) and a member of the executive Committee of the WFH (2000-2002). He serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Haemophilia.

He also is the editor of four important books related to haemophilia: Musculoskeletal Aspects of Haemophilia (Rodríguez-Merchán, Goddard, Lee, eds; Blackwell, Oxford, 2000), Inhibitors in Patients with Haemophilia (Rodríguez-Merchán, Lee, eds; Blackwell, Oxford, 2002), The Haemophilic Joints: New Perspectives (Rodríguez-Merchán, ed; Blackwell, Oxford, 2003), and Current and Future Issues in Haemophilia Care (Rodríguez-Merchán, Valentino, eds; Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 2011).

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