Friday, 4 October, 2013

06.00-09.00           Exhibition set-up

07.00-19.00            Registration; Hospitality Desk

09.00-19.00            Exhibition & Poster Display

09.00-10.30            WORKSHOP 1: Treatment compliance strategies                                                    Facilitator: Prof Flora Peyvandi, Italy

10.30-11.00            Tea/Coffee – Exhibition Area

11.00-12.30            WORKSHOP 2: How to choose treatment products for your country                  Facilitator: Brian O’Mahony, Ireland

12.30-13.30            Buffet Lunch – Exhibition Area

13.30-15.00            WORKSHOP 3 – Communication between doctors and patients                          Facilitator: Prof Paul Giangrande, UK

13.30-15.00            Comprehensive care in developed and developing countries                                 Chair: Dr Daniel Coriu, Romania

13.30-13.50            Hematologist from an established country perspective                                           Prof Mike Makris, United Kingdom

13.50-14.10            Hematologist from an emerging country case study                                                Prof Margit Serban, Romania

14.10-14.30            Psychologist support                                                                                                      Anne Duffy, Ireland

14.30-14.50            Categorization of haemophilia treatment centers in Europe                                   Dr Gabriele Callizani, Italy

14.50-15.00            Q & A

15.00-15.30            Tea/Coffee – Exhibition Area

15.30-17.00            WORKSHOP 4 Family dynamics and siblings                                Facilitator:    Anne Duffy, Ireland

15.30-17.00            Aspects of comprehensive care of haemophilia                                       Chair:       Thomas Schindl, Austria

15.30-16.00            EUHASS adverse events update 2009-2012                                                                Prof Mike Makris, United Kingdom

16.00-16.30            Orthopaedic surgery – still a present task in haemophilia care                               Dr E C Rodriguez-Merchan, Spain

16.30-17.00           Treatment and prevention of inhibitors                                                                        Dr Günter Auerswald, Germany

17.00-17.30         Tea/Coffee Break – Exhibition Area

17.30-19.00         Pharmaceutical Symposium 1 – Baxter

19.30-21.00         Welcome Reception and Buffet Supper

Saturday 5 October

08.00-09.30     Pharmaceutical Symposium 2 – Novo Nordisk

09.30-11.00       Treatment of rare bleeding disorders                                                       Chair:                   Prof Flora Peyvandi, Italy

09.30-10.00     Rare bleeding disorders – an overview                                                                                    Prof Flora Peyvandi, Italy

10.00-10.30       EDQM recommendations for haemophilia care in Europe                                                Prof Paul Giangrande, United Kingdom

10.30-11.00       Orphan drugs, clinical trials and haemophilia                                                                     Prof Flora Peyvandi, Italy

11.00-11.30       Tea/Coffee – Exhibition Area

11.30-13.00       Pharmaceutical Symposium 3 – Sobi

13.00-14.00       Buffet Lunch – Exhibition Area

14.00-16.00       Access to new treatment for haemophilia – opportunities, challenges and barriers    Chair: Prof Margit Serban, Romania

14.00-14.30       Long acting products                                                                                                              Prof Paul Giangrande, United Kingdom

14.30-15.00       Gene therapy                                                                                                                            Prof Amit Nathwani, United Kingdom

15.00-16.00       Economical aspect and possible barriers:

                           Patient organization perspective                                                                                         Brian O’Mahony, Ireland

                           Industry perspective                                                                                                              Dr Geoffrey McDonough, Sweden

                           Clinical perspective                                                                                                                Prof Wolfgang Schramm, Germany

16.00-16.30       Tea/Coffee – Exhibition Area

16.30-18.00       Pharmaceutical Symposium 4 – Pfizer

19.00-20.00       Sightseeing Tour

20.00-23.00       Gala Dinner

Sunday 6 October

09.00-13.00       Exhibition; Poster Display; Hospitality Desk