Speaker: Prof Geoffrey Dusheiko MD, United Kingdom

Prof Geoff Dusheiko was recruited to the Royal Free Hospital of Medicine in London in 1988 and became Professor of Medicine at the University College in 1996. During the last25 years, he was without any doubt one of the most requested experts in the field of viral hepatitis and significantly contributed to the development of the field. He has continued to pursue his interests in the complex nature of chronic viral hepatitis, since joining the Royal Free Hospital.

After the discovery of hepatitis C virus, he studied the epidemiology and expression of this important disease in at–risk patients. He has had pointed out the regional prevalence of the disease, the association of hepatitis C and interferon with thyroid disease, and has put into perspective the clinical features of the disease and the sustained response rates of anti-HCV positive patients treated with interferon alpha. With Peter Scheuer, Geoff documented the histological characteristic morphology of chronic hepatitis C infection. He and pointed out the geographical distribution of HCV types, and the clinical, epidemiological, and therapeutic significance of the diversity of hepatitis C virus. Geoff Dusheiko was member of the very first NIH consensus on hepatitis C and contributed a very frequently quoted review article on the management of side effects of interferon therapies.

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