EHC 2015 Speakers Presentations
Prof Predrag Miljic MD Serbia Comprehensive care and inhibitor treatment
Dr Danijela Mikovic MD Serbia The rarer bleeding disorders in Serbia and Europe
Prof Associate Flora Peyvandi MD PhD Italy Gene therapy

Post-marketing surveillance and failures

Prof Rezan Kadir MD United Kingdom Pregnancy and menorrhagia
Prof Philippe de Moerloose MD Switzerland Thrombosis in bleeding disorders
Dr Luigi Solimeno MD Italy Orthopaedic surgery
Prof Pier Mannucci MD Italy Ageing and cardio-vascular health
Prof Mike Makris United Kingdom Management of inhibitors
Prof Manuel Carcao MD Canada Longer Acting Factors – the Clinical experience
Prof Jovan Antovic Sweden Measuring lab assays
Prof Paul Giangrande MD United Kingdom Pharmacokinetic – guided treatment
Brian O’Mahony Ireland Economics and EHL Factor Concentrates