Speaker: Prof Manuel Carcao MD, Canada

Dr. Carcao is a Clinician Investigator in the Division of Haematology/Oncology (Department of Paediatrics), Associate Scientist in the Child Health Evaluative Sciences program at SickKids and Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Toronto. He is also a member of the Haemostasis program in Haematology.

Dr. Carcao received his medical degree in 1990 and a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Epidemiology in 2007 from the University of Toronto. He joined the division as a faculty member in 1999 following completion of haematology/oncology and haemostasis fellowships (1995-1999). Dr. Carcao’s clinical and clinical translational research interests are in the area of the inherited and acquired bleeding disorders of children with a focus on the haemophilias. He is co-director of the Paediatric Comprehensive Care Haemophilia Program at SickKids and past President of the Association of Haemophilia Clinic Directors of Canada (AHCDC).

His main research Interests are in: Prevention of bleeding in haemophilia; Inhibitor development in haemophilia; Immune thrombocytopenia purpura; Paediatric haemostasis; Clinical trials

The improvement of care for haemophiliac patients is the key focus of Dr. Carcao’s research. This is demonstrated by a number of studies where he is principal investigator in the field of prophylaxis in hemophlia.

Prophylaxis refers to the regular administration of factor (missing in haemophilia patients) in order to prevent bleeding. Dr. Carcao, along with several co-investigators (Drs. Blanchette, Feldman, Babyn) are evaluating different prophylaxis strategies taking into account issues such as quality of life and costs.

Additionally, Dr. Carcao is conducting studies assessing pharmacokinetics of using factor and other medications such as desmopressin acetate (DDAVP) involved in the management of haemophilia patients.

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