EHC 2016 Speakers Presentations
Prof Michael Laffan
Imperial College London
United Kingdom Update on von Willebrand Treatment
Dr Alison Dougall
Dublin Dental University Hospital
Ireland Dental care
Prof Edward Tuddenham
Emeritus Professor of Haemophilia UCL
United Kingdom Gene Therapy
Prof Johannes Oldenburg
University Clinic Bonn
Germany Bi-Specific antibody, antithrombin and other new developments
Prof Cedric Hermans
Saint-Luc University Hospital
Belgium New Developments in Haemophilia Care
Prof Flora Peyvandi
University of Milan
Italy Inhibitors in Previously Untreated Patients
Prof Paul Giangrande
Consultant Haematologist
United Kingdom Mild Haemophilia
Dr Laszlo Nemes
MD at National Haemophilia Centre
Hungary Acquired haemophilia
Brian O’Mahony
EHC President
Ireland Haemophilia in Europe 2016 results of the EHC Survey
Jamie O’Hara
HCD Economic
United Kingdom Update on the CHESS project
Mark Skinner USA Update on the PROBE survey data
Dr Anneliese Hilger
Germany National registries